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Trusted Import Auto Transmission Repair & Service Shop Serving McDonald , Cleveland, and Chattanooga Area

A transmission is the key connection between your engine and chassis. Its health is crucial to your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. Import Motorworks, having served the community of McDonald, TN, since 2009, is wise to the keys to fixing your transmission so that your cherished import runs as it does in your dreams.

The Heart of Your Vehicle’s Performance

The transmission is the centerpiece of your car. It’s responsible for converting the power of your engine into movement. The expertise of Import Motorworks plays an imperative role in making sure your transmission is running smoothly and efficiently. Whether it be a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, we are the professionals you can trust.

Signs Need to Repair Your Transmission

If you’re experiencing difficulty with any of the following functions, your transmission likely needs some repair:

  • Difficulty in changing gears or even slipping between gears
  • Unusual or unpleasant noises when switching gears
  • Transmission fluid leaking from under the vehicle.

Be vigilant about noticing these signs and doing something about them, or you may have to do more than just repair your transmission.

Our Transmission Repair Services

Diagnosing your transmission issues:

  • We start by interviewing the driver to see if we can gain any key insights from the person who’s spent the most time in the car, which may include things like poor vehicle performance or unusual vehicle behavior.
  • Then, we move to a visual inspection, looking for signs of leaks, damage, or wear. We also look at the level and state of the transmission fluid to see if it’s low, burnt, or has metal shavings swimming in it.
  • Possibly the most crucial step is checking the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). Our dealership-grade equipment.
  • Road tests are conducted to see if what the owner is explaining can be replicated.
  • Fluid Pressure Tests will tell us if the hydraulic pressure within the transmission is being properly distributed throughout the mechanism
  • Evaluation of the Transmission Control Module is conducted to see if it needs a software update. Automatic transmissions use sensor inputs to know when the time is proper for effective shifting and performance.
  • Component tests are always necessary to ensure a transmission is working properly. We check out solenoids, valves, and sensors based on what our initial analysis finds. This can involve resistance measurements, signal tests, or applying external power to test the transmission’s operation.
  • Internal inspection is only conducted as a last resort when external checks yield no result. This involves the disassembly of the transmission to diagnose the issue.
  • Diagnosis and the following repair plan are the last steps in this process. We will consult you based on what we’ve found and make sure that our plans align with you and your wallet. We’ll lay out a clear outline displaying the necessary parts and repairs to get your transmission working properly alongside costs and timeline.

At Import Motorworks, we address the issues with you in mind. We always consider that both your time and money are valuable, so we make sure to get things done professionally, fast, and efficiently to get your back quick and running like new.

Schedule Your Transmission Service!

Schedule an appointment by calling (423) 238-7600 or drive by and stop in at our brick-and-mortar, locally-owned shop located at 5824 S Lee Hwy, McDonald, TN, 37353.

Whether it be a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Volkswagen, or many more, we encourage you to take it to the experts at Import Motorworks where we serve people and their cars with professionalism and respect.

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