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Trusted Import Auto Engine Repair & Service Shop Serving McDonald , Cleveland, and Chattanooga Area

In Mcdonald, Tennessee, Import Motorworks is locally known as the best shop in town for European and import vehicles to make sure they are like they were when the artisans crafted them over in the EU.

When you’re done with your coffee over at Wired, you’ll be ready to get into your high-performance European vehicle and use that engine to its fullest. Since 2009, we’ve been giving people the engine performance their car was meant to give them! So, come down to see what we can do. You’ll walk out not only impressed but with a wide grin. We handle customers like the genuine neighbors that we are. Local shops love their communities!

Making the Import Motorworks Choice for Your Vehicle’s Engine Repair

Advanced Knowledge Regarding European and Import Vehicles: Our specializations have a wide range that can serve with refined expertise in major European brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and more, which cater to the specific needs of complex European engine designs.

Local Knowledge and Genuine Community Ties Dealerships Just Don’t Have We’ve been in McDonald, TN, for over a decade, serving the community and putting our profits back into it. Something a large corporation does the very opposite of. We know that the driving conditions vary throughout the year, and therefore, keep your car prepared for icy roads and hot days.

Only The Most Modern Diagnostic Systems: The Shop’s use of diagnostic tools that may even outdo the dealerships ensure that your cherished European car is adequately analyzed and fixed to like-new perfection. All of this comes with a local shop’s personal, community touch.

Our Engine Repair Services

Diagnosing Your Vehicle: Engine repair is contingent on knowing what is wrong in the first place. The systems we use are top-of-the-line and use the most modern advancements to help us ensure we know what’s going on with your pioneering performance vehicle. On top of that, our mechanics use their decades of expertise in tandem with technology, ensuring that your vehicle comes back to you with a touch of modernity and humanity.

  • Regular Maintenance and Tune-Ups: Checking up on your car regularly is like checking up on yourself regularly; it’s imperative. Your car has many moving parts, so if one thing starts to get loose, it can affect the whole system. Even something little can result in something bigger if not addressed right away. Bring your car in at least annually to keep your costs down and your engine running with vigor.
  • Major Engine Repairs: Our shop is run by technicians who’ve been under the hood for at least 10,000 hours alongside adepts who’ve been training them on each step of the journey. We will handle your engine with skilled hands, whether it be timing belts, head gaskets, or even a complete engine rebuild, and give it back running like it did off the lot.
  • Performance Upgrades: Import Motorworks will do so much more than just repair your engine. Our mechanics love cars. They love speed. They love performance and handling. They are true enthusiasts. They know about all the latest parts you can add to your car to provide it with the extra power that will send you down new roads with exhilaration.

Local Spots to Take Your Car After an Engine Repair

Places to Take Your Refreshed Performance Vehicle: Now that your vehicle is running the way you dreamed it would, it’s time to take it out for a spin. But don’t just take any old road. Take Cade’s Cove Loop Road, lacerating the Great Smoky Mountains winding and turning under the trees that overlook the ancient hills designed to be driven through.

Care For Your Beloved Car and Call Us Today!

Schedule an appointment by calling (423) 238-7600 or drive by and stop in at our brick-and-mortar, locally owned shop located at 5824 S Lee Hwy, McDonald, TN, 37353.

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