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Top Rated Import Auto Oil Change Service Provider In McDonald, Cleveland, and Chattanooga

Regular oil changes can make or break your vehicle. If you want your vehicle to be taken care of by experienced professionals who understand its intricacies and complexities, bring it to Import Motorworks down in McDonald, TN, where you can count on a reliable and personal touch.

Regular Oil Changes Matter!

  • Engine Protection: If you have a European or import vehicle, you’ve made a knowledgeable investment in a complex machine that stands as a pillar of human achievement in engineering. But if you don’t care for that machine, it won’t care for you. You’ve got to change with only the highest-quality regular or synthetic oils to protect your engine from wear and tear if you want your car to survive the varying elements of a place like Tennessee. And it better be with regularity otherwise, you’ll find yourself with a lot more to do than a simple, cost-effective oil change.
  • Oil Changes Reflect in Vehicle Performance: Cars will drive only as well as you take care of them. When it comes to European or import vehicles, you want your car to do what it was made to do: give you the ride those foreign craftsmen studied their whole lives to provide! You want a car that sounds beautiful, rides smoothly, and accelerates with the agility that thrills, giving you the bang that your buck paid for!

Oil Change Services

  • Looking Locally: If you’re looking for a quick oil change, come to this locally-owned shop filled with mechanics who’ve been around the block. We’ll take care of you like our community has taken care of us.
  • Expert Recommendations: The Import Motorworks Team will provide only the most informed insight into what sort of oil is best for your vehicle. Not only what type but also what brand carries the best oils sourced from the highest quality materials. Every vehicle has its preference for what type of oil will serve it best. That’s why you must bring your beloved car to people who not only know but care.

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

Synthetic oil is said to provide an extended engine life and more extraordinary performance when extreme temperatures present themselves, which is crucial when living in Tennessee weather.

However, if you have an older vehicle, many technicians argue that engines designed for conventional oil should receive just that. Conventional oil is often less expensive as well, and nobody will blame you for wanting to save a few dollars of your hard-earned cash.

Common Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

Here are a few signs your car is ready for oil change services:

  • Opaque, Dirty Oil: Clean oil is usually an amber color. Once it gets gritty, it’s time for a refresh.
  • Engine Noise and Knocking: If the engine isn’t adequately lubed, you’ll hear your engine making a racket that’s not as pretty as you might hope.
  • Oil Change or Check Engine Light: Once you see this light, it’s undoubtedly time. If you want your car to last, listen to it!
  • Exhaust Smoke: If you’re seeing plumes of dark smoke arise from the tailpipe, the car is ready for a change.
  • Oil Smell inside the car: If you notice an oil smell inside the car, that’s a bad sign. Take it in and let the experts take care of it, making sure no further damage has been done.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today

If you want the vehicle you spent your whole life dreaming about and a large portion of your wallet’s contents to obtain, then for the love of automobiles everywhere, bring it in for a proper oil change. Our accredited technicians know precisely what your car needs to flourish and last.

Come in and Get your Oil Changed Properly!

Schedule an appointment by calling (423) 238-7600 or drive by and stop in at our brick-and-mortar, locally-owned shop located at 5824 S Lee Hwy, McDonald, TN, 37353.

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